Born in Higgins, Texas in the late thirties, Julie Áuna and her siblings grew up in Elkhart, Indiana. She married her husband, Carl, in the mid fifties and together they were blessed with three sons. When their sons left the nest to enter elementary school it was then that she chose cosmetology as a lifelong career that she still enjoys to this day.  This wonderful vocation has set the stage for many stories, some funny, some sobering, and some sad.

In the late sixties Julia Áuna and her family moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas where writing became her hobby. After her boys left for a life of their own she decided to take a beginners computer course at National Park Community college, which encouraged her second venture, a class in creative writing, and she was hooked.

One of her first loves after God and family is penning fiction, using episodes taken from her own life or the lives of her siblings and customers. Now in her early 70s she still believes she is way too young to sit down and say, “I quit”.  For her, writing is like a heartbeat, it makes all her tomorrows worth living.